New Book Examines American Injustice, from Lawyers to Judges and the Government System

Insert Date – Mac Turney’s latest book, Unjustice, examines how Unjustice, bureaucracy, inefficiency and drugs will be the downfall of the United States and is dedicated to those who are victims of Unjustice.

Every civilized country has some sort of written order in place to promote as their system of justice. Turney believes and explains in his book, that in this country, you never know what you’ll get – justice, injustice or Unjustice as court decisions are all over the place and buying a lottery ticket would be more of a guarantee than the justice system.  He details how not being affluent or well educated will most likely land individuals with injustice.

Turney promises to provide readers with the truth about attorneys, the law and the rules of the court and details how lawyers do not truly represent their clients, but represent the amount of money they are being paid.

In his book, Turney shares his letter to the president in which he pleads for immediate change in the way government power is abused and requests a new commission be formed of every day people to explore the injustice in the Unjustice system and work on ways for improving it.

Any system or government that is left to its own devices without supervision or control is self perpetuating. Whether by scheme, plan or inadvertence – it progressively becomes bigger, stronger and more powerful and eventually becomes the sole power over everything and everyone.

Solomon,  in Ecclesiastes 3:16 says that in the place of judgment, places of justice, the courts - “there is wickedness.” Turney says that statement, that warning, is as true today as it was back then.

During the research and writing of Unjustice, Turney asked himself a question - “What is the Law,” and, after careful consideration, the best answer he can provide is, “the Constitution and the Law are mans’ feeble attempt to do what is right.”

Unjustice is available in hardback and paperback from lulu.com


Mac Turney

UNJUSTICE - Definition: the planned or inadvertent act of allowing the people to be without justice; being without justice by plan or scheme; the act of implementing a scheme to control justice; conspiracy to eliminate justice; to control justice; to control who has the authority to administer justice; to control who gets justice; the opposite of justice by plan, scheme, conspiracy, corruption or inadvertence.

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