Inefficiency and

Drugs are the downfall of this country,

But not necessarily in that order!

This book is dedicated to the 98% of the world population who are victims of UNJUSTICE

What is Unjustice?


the planned or inadvertent act of allowing the people to be without justice; being without justice by plan or scheme; the act of implementing a scheme to control justice; conspiracy to eliminate justice; to control justice; to control who has the authority to administer justice; to control who gets justice; the opposite of justice by plan, scheme, conspiracy, corruption or inadvertence.

If you do not have a lot of money, don’t hire a lawyer for anything!

There, I said it.

 Lawyers do not represent you in any court action!

They only represent the amount of money you have to pay them!

 By the time you are finished with this book you will know the truth and the facts about Attorneys, the Law and the Rules of Court.

Solomon, one of the wisest men who ever walked the earth, if not the wisest, in Ecclesiastes 3:16 says that in the place of judgment, places of justice, the courts - - “there is wickedness”. That statement, that warning, is as true today as it was back then.

The “fixing” of our laws and courts could have ramifications far greater for the good of our country than the “fixing” of the economy. I’m not discounting the need, for the good for our country, to correct the problems in our economy but I do want to point out that the incompetent elected or appointed politicians had a lot to do with the bad economy, and the citizens of the country allowed it to happen out of inattention and neglect or inadvertence.

Any system or government that is left to its own devices without supervision or control is self perpetuating. Whether by scheme, plan or inadvertence – it progressively becomes bigger, stronger and more powerful and eventually becomes the sole power over everything and everyone!

The problem with power is when it becomes uncontrolled power! And, the fact is, we have allowed “unjustice” to happen and now we have uncontrolled power in the hands of those in power!

The constitution was written for you and me. It was written to control those in power.

The justice system and the governments have slowly and methodically usurped the power of the people! And, if they didn’t steal it intentionally then they have inadvertently gotten it along with full power over everything and everyone.

Let’s face it anyone can get hired as an officer, become a prosecutor, be elected or appointed as a judge and recent history proves anyone can get elected president even if they only have an IQ of 70!

All they have to be is charismatic or a movie star and have someone with an IQ of 170 write their speeches for them. They could have an earpiece and someone in the back room telling them what to say or they mumble something that no one understands and then they go to the next question without giving an answer to the first question.

I owned an air conditioning business years ago and one of the new, recently hired, technicians was a part time, volunteer police officer.

Over 50% of the repair jobs that we sent him on did not work correctly after he left and we would have to send him back - at no charge to the customer - or we would have to send another technician to make the repairs which were free to the customer.

After a few weeks of this I called him into my office to discuss the problem and asked him what the problem was. He replied that his job as a volunteer police office required him to work at night and that they had him working a lot of hours. I said maybe you should take a couple weeks off until your hours there are reduced.

He replied that he needs the money from air conditioning work because they do not pay him to volunteer as a cop.

I asked him, why do you do this volunteer job anyway?

His reply was, “because I like the power I have over the people”!

He actually said, “Power over the people”? That made me mad and I said, “Well, I like the power I have over people who work for me, so you’re fired, come back later today for your final paycheck”.

That is the problem with “power”! People like power and many of them abuse that power.

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