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The first photo below is the center of the Board with different highways to travel between cities. There are not any Ticket Stubs in the center it is all expenses and hazards. For example you may get into a wreck and have to spend a lot of money for auto repairs; you could run out of gas which costs money; you could get speeding tickets or have your wallet stolen where you lose ½ of your money; or, you could run into a mud or snow slide and have to turn around and go a different highway. As you can tell - you will not like the center of the Board - so you will need to get out of here as fast as possible, but beware, you will be disappointed over and over again. However, you will make it at some point. The game is designed so that we all eventually get through and to the next city. As you may see on the photo there is a location for the Safe Trip Passes that are included. While playing our test version of the game my mother ran into so many problems that she broke down an cried. When my mom cried it made me feel like crying too because she was so into the game and set on winning it - she was in her 60’s and loved it. Have Fun - You Will Love Love Love the Game. HAVE FUN. YOU WILL - BUT DON’T CRY!

The photos of the four cities in the game - Los Angeles (green); San Diego (pink); Sacramento (brown); and, San Francisco (blue) are shown below. While in the cities you collect the agreed to amount of Ticket Stubs and collect Safe Trip Passes (which you will need because they protect you from a lot of hazards that you will run into while you are in the center part of the Game Board). There is no “one way” traffic so you get to rely on your memory and if you pass a Ticket Stub and then roll the perfect number to reverse and collect your Ticket Stub - good for you. After you have visited all four cities and collected the agreed amount of Ticket Stubs you should head directly to the city where you started and get to the “Finish” space first. You Win right? Not necessarily! Only if you are playing the version where the first one to reach the “Finish” space wins. Be sure to stop at all stop signs and follow the instructions - you get money for some of them. Remember there are eight versions of this game - HAVE FUN. YOU WILL!  Thank you Momma and You too Monica and Rachel.

Los Angeles

San Diego


San Francisco

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