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Copyright: California Vacation The Game and the website by D M Turney. All rights, content, instructions, rules, items, process, images of the game and anything pertaining to the game are protected and copyrighted. Do not infringe on these rights. You do not purchase any rights when you purchase a game other than the full use of the game for personal use but you may not reproduce anything pertaining to the game without permission. You may contact D M Turney by the contact link provided on the site.

While playing California Vacation the Game you may collect ticket stubs from each city, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco and Sacramento. A Ticket Stub for visiting seven attractions in each city are a part of the game. They consist of: Fisherman’s Wharf, African Safari USA, Magic Mountain, Grand National Drag Races, Alcatraz Island, Cable Car, Chinatown, Marine Land, Old Sacramento, Sea World, Universal Studios, Golden Gate Bridge, Mexico, Queen Mary, Bodega Bay, Raft Trip on the American River, State Capitol Building, Sutter’s Fort, Great America, San Diego Zoo, ocean Beaches, Cabrillo National Monument, Hollywood, William Land Park, Deep Sea Fishing, Disneyland, Knott’s Berry Farm, and Cal Expo. A total of 28 visitors attractions - 7 in each city - are available. The instructions will say “Ticket Stub” when you land on one of these spaces and the person sitting at the location for that city should give you a Ticket Stub for the attraction. You do not actually move your vehicle to any other space, just collect the Ticket Stub and wait for your next turn.

Other visitors attractions, places to visit and side trips are on the game board but you do not collect a ticket stub from them. Plus, you do not actually move your vehicle anywhere when you land on one of these. Simply follow the directions as read to you by the player reading the instructions aloud for the space number. These attractions, places to visit or side trips consist of: Visit the Hilton Casino in Reno, Bakersfield Pioneer Village, Mojave Desert, Sonoma Mission, Carmel by the Sea, Yosemite Park, Lion Country Safari, Santa Cruz, Death Valley, Vacaville Museum, Circus Circus Casino in Las Vegas, Big Sur, Salton Sea National Wildlife Refuge, San Juan Capistrano and you may Visit the Rio Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.

There are only two times (or spaces) where you actually move your vehicle from the space you are on. Those two times are (1.) when you are instructed to “Go to City Airport” - in which case you follow the Rule for City Airport (see Rules) - and (2.) when you are instructed to “Go to Space 101 in the Center of the Game Board” - and, in this case you move your vehicle to space 101 and follow the Instructions read aloud for that space.

There are several other places named on the game board where you purchase a service or food (or other items) or where you a penalized or receive a reward. They are: Denny’s, Pep Boy’s Service, Wal Mart Auto Service, Holiday Inn Express, Cracker Barrel, Subway, Firestone, AM-PM, Good Year, Chevron, Wal-Mart, Aamco, Texaco, Toys R Us, Radio Shack, Tune N Lube, Super 8 Motel, Big O Tire, Ford, Flying J, McDonalds, K Mart, Circle K and Dillards. These businesses have not endorsed California Vacation the Game and any applicable “Trademarks” or “Patents” pertaining to their names belong to them as applicable by statutes.

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