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California Vacation The game

“Let’s take a California Vacation” to Disneyland and Six Flaggs

It was winter in Alaska and the temperature was at least 40 degrees below zero. So cold that you could toss a cup of hot water into the air and it would be frozen before it hit the snow.

A man, his wife and their three children Brian, Carri and Cheryl lived in a log cabin in the forest many miles from the nearest town but they were nice and warm because the cabin had a wood stove and they had plenty of firewood to last the winter. But there wasn’t much for Brian, Carri and Cheryl to do when they are stuck inside a log cabin.

As they stood in the window looking outside their thoughts were on being outside playing but there was a blizzard outside and so cold. Their thoughts were about the fun they could have outside if the weather wasn’t so bad. Mom and Dad were bored, too!

Almost together Carri and Cheryl turned around and excitedly said “Let’s take a California Vacation!”

Mom said, “OK!” and she jumped up and ran to the cabinet and fetched California Vacation the Game off the shelf while Dad, Brian, Carri and Cheryl were clearing the dinner table.

As they were setting up California Vacation the Game Brian said, “I want to go to Disneyland and Six Flaggs Magic Mountain and Sea World and to the Beach!” Cheryl said, “I want to go to Chinatown and see the Golden Gate Bridge and Fisherman’s Wharf and go see Old Sacramento!” Mom said, “We can go to all of them!” Dad said, “There are so many places to go on vacation in California that it would take us months to see them all!”

So Cheryl said, “Ok, let’s play for all seven Ticket Stubs in each city and that will take us all winter to play the game!” Mom said, “Ok, we can leave the game set up on the table and play every day until someone wins. We can all eat in the living room the rest of the winter.” Dad, Brian, Carri and Cheryl said, “Yeah!” at the same time. So they start playing California Vacation the Game.

Now picture this: you are standing outside, in the Blizzard, looking in through the window and Brian rolls the dice and moves his pickup truck to a space and says, “I just landed on number 91.” And Cheryl says, “You get to go to Disneyland and you get a Ticket Stub.” It’s Carri’s turn now.

Carri rolls the dice and moves her car and says, “I just landed on number 1.” Mom says, “You found a players wallet and returned it and you get a $300.00 reward.” It’s Cheryl’s turn now.

Cheryl rolls the dice and moves her semi truck and says, “I just landed on number 98.”  Dad says, “Your puppy got lost. Pay $100.00 reward.” It’s Mom’s turn now.

Mom rolls the dice and moves her SUV and says, “I just landed on number 12.” Mom is sitting where the Instructions for Numbers Spaces in the corner of the Game Board is number 1 through 25 so she reads what happens out loud, “I get to go to Six Flaggs Magic Mountain and I get a Ticket Stub.” It’s Dad’s turn now.

Dad rolls the dice and moves his motor home and says, “I just landed on number 64.” And Cheryl says, “You just got in an accident and repairs cost you $400.00!” Mom says, “You never were a good driver.” And, they all laugh.

The game goes on all winter and when spring comes around they are close to someone winning the game so they stay up playing the game all night and just as the sun comes up on a beautiful spring morning they finally have a winner (but I cannot tell you who won). It could be you!

Come on in. Get out of the Blizzard. Have fun with your family. Get California Vacation the Game.

You may use the secure “Buy Now” button or ask your favorite toy store, jewelry or gift store for California Vacation the Game. If they don’t have it they may use “Contact”.  We will need their contact information.



California Vacation the Game is not suitable for small children. Game pieces may be swallowed and choking could occur. Not recommended for children under 3 years old and under 5 should be supervised.

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the GAME


Eight Games in One

One game could take 4 players 1½ hours and the hardest game could take 6 months or a year to determine the WINNER

*NOTE: The Silver and the Gold California Vacation Games are custom made for you and may require 2 to 8 weeks for delivery. Please plan ahead especially if the Game or games are a gift for someone special. Please note: there are several ounces of silver or gold in each game and these prices are based on $40.00 spot price for silver and $1,500.00 spot price for gold. Prices will increase if spot prices rise above these spot prices. Silver & Gold Games are Limited Editions. Email  us for a quote on a Platinum Vehicle Game.

What is included?

Ten Vehicles in either Pewter, Zinc, Silver or Gold - Which is based on the California Vacation the Game that you ordered

A set of dice

A 24 inch x 24 inch game board which folds in half

Enough game play money for  7 - 10 players

Game trip passes for 7 - 10  players

Game Ticket Stubs to visitors attractions in the major cities of California - Sacramento - San Francisco - Los Angeles including Hollywood and Beverly Hills - and San Diego with 7 fun places to go in each city

Rules and Instructions

Game box

All made of the highest quality products available and made in the USA

Pewter Zinc Pure Silver or 14k Gold
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California Vacation the Game is the Best BOARD GAME ever



Players may choose from one of eight different versions before the game starts. The easiest will normally take 4 players about one and a half hours to play - less for 2 players; the next version could take four players about three hours to play; and so on – up to the hardest version which could require the players to dedicate their dining room table to the game so they can play several hours per day for up to six months or a year to determine the winner of one game.

I recommend  you play the easiest version of the game first. This version of the game only requires you to try to get one “Ticket Stub” from each city. Once you have collected one from each city you should head back to the city where you started and try to get to Finish space to win the game. After you have played the easy version you will have a lot more fun trying to play the harder games. Click Object or Rules tabs above for more information about how to play California Vacation the Game. Rules and Instructions are printed on the Game Board. Please let us know if you ever play the hardest version - where you collect all seven Ticket Stubs from each city - we will post the details on our Wall of Records.


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Game Board


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