Go on a FREE Adventure and get some exercise. Plus:

Relax in your room; swim in the pool or soak in the Jacuzzi; have a five course dinner; go gold mining or gold prospecting or find gold and stake your own gold mining claim*; go hunting or fishing; camp along the thousands of creeks or lakes or miles of beaches; go hiking, bicycling, ATV riding, trail riding or even horse back riding; go on a cruise on one of the hundreds of tour boats or sightseeing from a bush plane; go on a tour of the Wrangle, St. Elias National Park and Preserve - the largest in North America; visit abandoned villages and gold mining camps; see the Yukon River, the midnight sun, cross the Arctic Circle or visit Alaska Native Villages and Eskimo Igloos; see moose, caribou, grizzly and brown bears, black bear, fox, ptarmigan, salmon, wolverines, coyotes, lynx, mink, otters, seals, walrus, geese, ducks and hundreds of other birds including the Bald Eagle, the Raven and the infamous Camp Robber; go on sled dog rides or see Musk Ox and Reindeer; rent 4x4 ATV’s for trail rides or canoes for a ride down the river; see Mt. McKinley (Mt. Denali) or visit the Denali National Park, the largest mountain in North America or visit places that have been here since before Alaska became a state such as Duffy’s Roadhouse at mile 63 on the Tok Cutoff Highway or you may visit the hundreds of other historic places that are on the maps; and you could go to museums, plays, theatres, shopping, antique stores and pawn shops or visit Russian Orthodox Churches built over a hundred years ago or visit fishing villages where the villagers have fished for hundreds of years; and, you could even learn the meaning of the words such as “cheechako”, “sourdough”, “muktuk”, “oogarook” or “cuspuck”.

Is there more I can do in Alaska? Well, if you’re an investor you could invest in property or business in Alaska. Alaska is one of the few states that maintained it’s value and low unemployment during the last few years. Look around while you are here - you might find something to invest in that will make a lot of money for you and your family.

What else can you do in Alaska? Nothing! If you really want to do that.

Are you tired of the same ole stuff that goes on when you are on most vacations? Stuff like: waiting for the sun to come up or drinking, eating, partying, sleeping, laying on the beach or around a pool, drinking, partying, eating, sleeping, - you get the point!


*Gold Mining Claims. Alaska Department of Natural Resources: you may go to their website, click here, visit one of their offices or call them (907) 269-8600 and ask for information about finding and staking gold mining claims.

Look at an Alaska Gold Claim For Sale here

You could help us build a site with A MILLION  THINGS TO DO AND PLACES TO SEE IN ALASKA! If you have a “Place To See” or “Thing to Do” in Alaska, or, a business, please click the “Contact” link and send us an email with brief information and website name and we will include your website link and brief information on our site FREE.

Fifty pound salmon caught in Anchorage? You may fish in downtown Anchorage and catch everything from King salmon to the Alaska Blackfish!    Click HERE for more

A Tree Grows
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New Board Game by an Alaskan Don’t just site around with nothing to do all winter. You could go on a California Vacation. One game could take 2 hours, all day or all winter - 2 to 10 players and eight versions of the game to choose from.

Coins - A Work of Art

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