California Vacation the Game

Will be donating games to us which we will be distributing to:

Retirement Homes

Children's Hospitals

And to others

Read more about this below

Their site is:

Which will help us to help others

You will not find California Vacation the Game on Toy or Game shelves in any store. It is a new game!

The creators of the game have an interesting story about a dream and a 30 year struggle to make the dream into a reality.  If you want to read about that struggle you could go to the website by clicking the link above and click the link under the navigation bar “California Vacation” that is titled “Story”.

Their 30 year struggle is much like all of our lifetime struggle to live in Peace and Harmony with all of mankind but especially our lifetime struggle to do what is right and to be blessed for eternity with Peace and Tranquility with our HEAVENLY FATHER.

Their struggle and our struggle consists of many hurdles and obstacles that stand in our way and lead us in wrong directions. We have to be strong and never give up just like they haven’t given up - after 30 years they are still trying to get their dream on store shelves and available for everyone to enjoy. You shouldn’t give up either - it is a lifetime struggle - do what is in your heart and follow God. He will show you the way!

Be Patient

Be Understanding

Be Forgiving

Study the Scriptures

Pray Often with Sincerity

Love and Respect your Fellow Man and Woman

But most of all Love God, and

Have Faith in God

We Pray That God Will Bless You in All Things

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On the day that The Living Symbols of God was finished

Matt10:8 “Freely you have received, freely you give”