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Whites are in countries all over the world - either as citizens of that country or as tourists.

Whites are a major portion of the population of many countries including the USA, Canada, Israel, Australia, the European Union, the Ukraine, Russia and many of the countries that at one time were part of the USSR.

Whites are considered by the majority of the non-white populations to be “wealthy” and they are profiled as Christian or Jew by non-Christian people.

For those reasons they are profiled by non-whites as Victims for Violence, Robbery and Ransom.

This profiling of Whites as Victims by these Criminals is not limited to foreign countries.

Whites are chosen by non-Whites as Victims in the country where they live - even in the USA!

Whites visiting any other so called “White country” or any “non-White country” are the preferred choice by non-whites in those countries to be their next Victim.

And, it isn’t just about the money or the religion of the White Victim that makes them a Victim - the attacker(s) simply may not like White people.

Why would they “not like White people”?

Many non-Whites don’t like Whites because they believe that Whites “enslaved them” or “used them” or “used their resources” or “took advantage of them” or “teaches against their religion” and it could be “jealousy”!

Whites have been and are the most advanced and successful race of people on earth. But, some of that is directly attributable to the fact that all races are welcome in their countries. That is part of the problem - many or those non-Whites don’t like White people or the religion.

It was , in the past, common barbaric practice by every country on earth to attack other countries with the intention of taking their land and resources and when they won the war the losing country became a part of the victorious country and the captured people became subservient to the victorious people.

You may have noticed that the majority of the “White countries” around the world have grown up and they no longer practice these Barbaric traditions.

Let’s look at the Spanish countries including Spain, Italy, Greece, Mexico and Central America and South America. They don’t all speak the same language and they are considered a “White country”. The religion for most of their population is Catholic - yes, Christian - and they are targets for those who hate Christians and Jews, also called “the infidels” by some non-Christian religions. They are not at war trying to take another country and make it a part of theirs and they aren’t attacking each other because of religion, color or hate.

What about the non-White countries?

Well, let’s look at Africa! Many people are starving. They are killing each other daily. Not necessarily because the Victim is White but because they want their land, their country; or because their religion is not the same; or, because they have hated their neighbors for hundreds of years, and, yes, because the Victim is White.

Let’s look at the Middle East! They are also killing each other daily. They are fighting a war against each other because the other tribe or country has a different belief in the same religion. Yes, and because the Victim is White and perceived as a Christian or Jew or may not believe in their version of Islam.

Some Asian countries still practice the Barbaric Traditions of the past and sometimes Whites are Profiled and become a Victim of Violence, Robbery and Ransom as well.

Come on all you Barbaric Thugs; you Fanatics; you Criminals; you Tyrants; you Drugged Up Nutcase's; GROW UP!

Of course I realize that you never will! But, you could!

You love and don’t want to give up your lazy life style where women and kids are objects!

Where you can kill a woman or a child in the name of family honor! Or rape without penalty!

Where you can sell your girl child into marriage to a wealthy man in the hopes of getting some of his money!

You like your excuse for doing nothing by saying I was studying the Holy Book or Praying!

You like the idea of never having to be responsible! Where you can force a child into work to do your job or, war!

You like a life where you don’t have to work. Where you can sell drugs or rob and steal for a living!

You like the idea of being able to kill and you falsely believe if you die you will be a martyr and go to Heaven!

Everyone needs to ask themselves some questions! How many God’s are there? There is only one God, right? Would God really want you to kill other people and hate or profile people because of their race or religion? No! God created all of us! We are all his children! He is the God of Love and He Loves all of us! He wants all of us to live in peace and harmony! He wants us to love our neighbors! If we all followed that one law - love your neighbor as you love yourself - there would not be any robbery, murder, adultery, cruelty or Victims. We would treat our neighbor as we would like to be treated and if we did there would not be any need for prisons or dungeons or torture or Violence. Only an imaginary god would want hate and murder? The real God would not!

Evil people try to keep you subservient to them and they teach wrong beliefs for their own gain and their own pleasure! Stop listening to their commands from a fake god! A god they have made up for their own benefit.

A God capable of creating man, animals, birds, fish, the earth and the universe would not be a god of hate. He would be God of Love and compassion and would want us to join Him - not just a few - ALL OF US.

The truth is you can Grow Up - you can change and if you do you will truly be blessed with Eternal Life and, if you do, you can Thank God for allowing you to choose that option, to choose that path. Amen

W A A W P White Action Against World Profiling - Whites are chosen by non-whites
as their Victims for Violence, Robbery and held for Ransom more than any other race

The fact is: in the past, Whites were the only race that was educated and they invented technology to develop mining and industries and with government approval, developed mines and industries in those undeveloped countries, created jobs and by doing so kept millions of people from starving to death and made a profit, too.

And the fact is: the majority of Whites that are religious are Christian or Jew and there are a few brave individuals that are in foreign countries who try to teach about the God of Love - not a god of hate.

The fact is: yes, Whites owned Slaves. But, the world owned slaves at that time. Africans enslaved other Africans and people worldwide captured their enemies and made them slaves and sold those slaves to foreign countries. Tribes in every country - including American Indians - would capture and enslave any other tribes members.

Whites had White Slaves too!

Many of the White countries would put their children into “bondage”, a form of slavery, to pay their debts to relatives and others they owed money to. This practice was also done in non-White countries.

The peoples of many countries would sell one of their own children to pay debt and for money to feed the remaining children. This practice was also done in non-White countries.

We will be adding pages so that you can tell your story about “profiling”; and pages asking questions about why some cases never hit the news and questions about the ones that do, such as: How many non-White people walked by those hoodlums in Oklahoma before they decided to get “bored” enough to kill a White Australian?

We are not saying that everyone in the Middle East or Africa or some Asian countries or any Area or Country are all thugs, fanatics or hoodlums or that everyone in the country or area will attack Whites, Christians or Jews! And, we are not saying that every non-White is a thug, fanatic or hoodlum either.

What we are saying is that Whites are chosen by non-Whites as their Victims for Violence, Robbery and held for Ransom more than any other race and this happens in every country around the world including the so called White Countries! It needs to STOP!

Everyone - and it should not matter what race, sex, age, color, gender or nationality - should be able to freely travel and walk, or exercise, anywhere, anytime without fear of Violence!