The Truth continued

Once all of the new ACA becomes law several things will happen:  there will not be any NEW participants in MM and no one will be eligible to sign up for Medicare or Medicaid. Everyone will be forced to participate in the new ACA and no new additional money will be paid out of the MM programs; and,

They may and most likely will make everyone, the young people and the older people, continue to pay a percentage of their income into MM and they will tell us that we must continue to pay because there are millions of people on the MM programs and there are; and,

The reality is, elderly people that are receiving MM benefits pass away by the thousands each day and as each one of them passes away the money coming out of the MM Trust Accounts will decrease. As you can imagine this decrease in payments for MM will amount to millions of dollars a day; and,

The chain of events that will make all of this happen has already started and once the new ACA is in full force it will only be a few years and there will not be a single person collecting MM because everyone will get old and pass away eventually and everyone else will be participating in the ACA; and,

If they end MM they will also eliminate hundreds of thousands of people who are on MM payroll.

Once there isn’t anyone eligible to collect from MM the money will be controlled by the politicians in Washington DC and those trillions of dollars in the MM accounts becomes free money that the government can spend any way they want. But, wait a minute; they borrowed that money long ago to support our way of life.

The future of the Social Security programs, SS and SSI, is not too good either. SSI will most likely be eliminated by ACA. After all is said & done SSI is medical. If not, they will eliminate it, too.

In the near future the government will start some sort of New Social Security Retirement Plan (herein, “NSS”) which has already been discussed by politicians. NSS will force everyone to start paying into the NSS exactly like they did with the ACA. I believe this is reserved for a future President to implement.

When this NSS becomes law the same chain of events will happen to eliminate everyone that depends on SS or SSI because, eventually, everyone dies and everyone else is on the NSS. When that happens, the trillions of dollars that is in those accounts will be free money and belong to the government, too.

But the facts are, they borrowed all of the money long ago to support our way of life and, in fact, they have already spent it so now they are just trying to cover their arses. In reality the elimination of MM, SS and SSI with these new programs, ACA and NSS, will allow the government to cover our National Debt and prevent Bankruptcy by the USA.

Let’s face it, the government is doing the best it can to protect you and I and to protect our life style and we Americans love our lifestyle so we really can’t complain. After all, those people in government and even the Supreme Court are just people like we are and everyone makes mistakes. Realizing that, I had to ask myself a question, “What is the government and what is the law?” My answer, “they are man’s feeble attempt to do what is right!” America cannot go bankrupt! We can’t allow it! So, they have to do whatever it is that they have to do for all of us! We may not agree with them but we need to thank God that they have figured out what to do to fix the problems that they and we, all of us, got ourselves into. I knew it: the following just released (on MSN news) Nov. 2015 the US started a new retirement plan - is this the start of the elimination of SS?

It’s our Country and it’s our Government and we have to support it, take care of it and supply the money it needs just like we have to do for our kids.

The Truth Is: America is the Best Country in the World.

And you know it!

Our lifestyle is the envy of the World. Our Government and Justice System may not be perfect but they are the Best in the World.

I am a Veteran and I was in the military during the Vietnam war and all Veterans were and still are willing to die for our country and to defend our way of life, our Government and our Justice System - even with all of the imperfections and in some cases Unjustice. My three older brothers were in WWII, the Korean War and Vietnam also. My uncles were in WWI and family was in the Civil War and wars before it.

I guess we are a military family. I know we believe in the USA and the ones of us that are still alive would proudly fight for America, the people of America and our way of life.

America offers a better way of life, a better Government and a better Justice Systems than any of the countries where Veterans have fought.

There are also millions more American men and women that are not Veterans who are willing to die for our country and for our way of life and for our system of Government and for our Justice System even though none of it is perfect.

It is the best system in the world!

And you know it!

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