What is Racism
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What is Racism

What is racism? What is considered a racist crime? What is hate? What is considered a hate crime? I believe they are the same thing! A hate crime is committed because of racism! Right!

Isn’t a racist someone who doesn’t like you or may hate you because of skin color or place of birth or because of what you look like or your beliefs! I believe this is a fair definition, don’t you.

Isn’t it also true that racism includes prejudice against someone who has a different religion? Somewhere on earth people are being killed because of their religion. That is racism!

Isn’t it also true that racism includes a hate crime because of being lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transsexual, or fat, or old, or stupid, or retarded, or because of your activities, such as, being a Satan worshiper or atheist or the way you are dressed or your tattoos? That is racism!

Isn’t it also true that racism should include hate because of what you have done in your past such as being a drug user or being convicted of a crime? Drug users in the past were off limits to most employers and landlords but now drug use is considered a medical issue and treated by doctors. Racism still exists for Ex-felons who can’t get a job or even rent a place to live because of their past; that is racism!

Couldn’t sports be considered a form of racism as well? Participants against other participants are trained to hit-em-hard, put the other participant out of the game, win at all costs. Racism!

To make matters even worse the military may be considered racist! I know of situations where the servicemen from one branch would start a fight with a different branch because of their uniform. That is racism!

Religions could be considered racist. Many religious teachers teach that other religions have it wrong and that everyone in that religion is going to hell. Some religions are at war with others who have a different interpretation of the same religion. That is racism!

The news is full of racist claims against President Trump because of words that come out of his mouth or tweets on twitter. Is that racism? Are words racist? I guess they are - that is racism!

The news is also full of reports about the Democrats not supporting anything that the Republicans want to accomplish; in other years it is full of reports that the Republicans will not support anything that the Democrats want to accomplish. Be real, this is racism! When you will not support a good idea because it was proposed by someone who doesn’t belong to the same club as you do that is racism! It would be if one party was a different color! Definitely racism!

Racism is rampant, will never entirely go away, it is Government and people sponsored and the entire world is racist in many or most of these examples.

The legal definition of racism may not fit a lot of the statements I have made above but I believe at the least they should be considered hate and as I said at the beginning I believe hate is racism.

The world is a mess! Can it be fixed?

If we all followed just one law in the Holy Scriptures racism would all go away! Love thy neighbor as you love yourself. Love equals no racism and no hate and tolerance and forgiveness and so much more.

What is Racism

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