Mac and Monica called companies that performed contamination cleanup and the estimates were from $50,000.00 to $50,000,000.00 (yes that is millions) and could cost up to $100,000,000.00 or more if the aquifer was contaminated or if it covered many acres of land or flowed into the rivers or streams. No one knew the extent of the contamination or how costly the cleanup would be except perhaps the sellers.

Mac and Monica tried to get the sellers to refund their money and costs and take the property back. The sellers refused. Mac and Monica were told by them to “call their lawyer”. When they refused to take it back Mac and Monica became liable for potentially millions in cleanup expenses.

The property was contaminated with leaking fuel, it was not anywhere close to what was advertised and because of the false statements, this business never got started and Mac and Monica had to contact their customers and cancel their Gold Mining Adventures and cancel the purchase of the remote gold property. A few customers showed up anyway but had to be sent to other mining sites around Alaska.

Once told to “call their lawyer” Mac and Monica hired a lawyer and have been in Court for years waiting for the sellers to clean up the contamination which they only working on a few days per year. This caused hundreds of thousands of dollars in additional expenses, wasted years and thousands of hours of time.

Mac, Monica or someone representing the company had to be at the property every year and any time cleanup was being done because, as the owners of record, they had to sign documents for the state swearing that the cleanup of fuel claimed as being done was, in fact, actually done and they knew they couldn’t trust anyone that has made false statements already. Plus they have wasted years of everyone’s time by dragging out the cleanup.

The sellers’ sporadic effort cleaned up the contamination according to the inspector, but the work by the sellers is still not done: nothing works, nothing is hooked up, there have not been any inspections, they destroyed the wiring system and none of the other promises have been delivered or installed. The sellers have not expressed whether they are or are not going to finish the work which places any business plans in a state of limbo.

The Consequences:

So what has these false statements cost? The sellers were paid $50,000.00 down and many thousands in payments; many thousands of dollars were lost when Mac and Monica had to give back the remote gold mining property because of the uncertainty surrounding the contamination; many thousands of dollars have been paid to attorneys to represent Mac and Monica to protect them from the many millions of dollars in potential liability for the contamination, plus the attorneys will be due up to $200,000.00  or more when this court case is finally over; several hundred thousand dollars have been spent for expenses since 2007 and these expenses did not generate any income because the property was contaminated and could not be used for commercial purposes; and more. Mac and Monica and their company have spent over $700,000.00 plus thousands of hours of work on the property plus years of their time which have not returned any money to them because of false statements.

More Consequences: What could the business that Mac & Monica planned have done for Alaska, the area around Slana and the overall economy?

The Gold Mining Adventure would bring hundreds of visitors to the state of Alaska and to the community from other parts of the country and from all around the world every year and thousands within a few years;

The Gold Mining Adventure business would create 10 full time jobs in the community as well as additional part time jobs;

The Gold Mining Adventure business would generate several hundred thousand dollars in additional income each season to the local businesses that have been operating in the community and the area for years;

The Gold Mining Adventure business would open up opportunities for residents of the community who might have business aspirations, entrepreneurs, to start their own new businesses in the community which would have employed more local residents;

The Gold Mining Adventure business would create 10 to 20 additional full time jobs each season at the remote Gold Mining Camp;

The Gold Mining Adventure business would create job opportunities for local bush pilots and their aircraft to fly customers to the Gold Mining Camp and to fly in equipment, material, supplies and fuel;

The Gold Mining Adventure business would create profits for the company that Mac and Monica own a part of and profits for each of its owners;

The customers participating in The Gold Mining Adventure would spend money in many Alaska communities. They would travel around the state of Alaska so they could see things and visit places that they had never seen or never been before.  They would be hiring bush pilots, eating in restaurants, buying fuel for vehicles, buying souvenirs, taking tours, staying in hotels, fishing, buying clothes, hunting, gold mining and more while they were in Alaska;

The Gold Mining Adventure business would generate several hundred thousand dollars in additional income each season for businesses throughout the state: businesses in Tok, Delta Junction, Fairbanks, Kodiak, Glennallen, Palmer, Wasilla, Anchorage, Homer, Ketchikan, Juneau, Valdez, Nome, Slana and more which would be spent by the Gold Adventure customers;

The Gold Mining Adventure business would generate thousands, or, hundreds of thousands, of extra tax dollars to the state of Alaska each season because most businesses and corporations in Alaska pay taxes to the City, Borough and State and those businesses would be hiring new employees;

The Gold Mining Adventure business would create new jobs for the residents of many communities in Alaska to supply the needs of their new customers;

The Gold Mining Adventure business would generate more new jobs in communities throughout Alaska because the residents of those communities in Alaska themselves would have more money to spend because of the newly created jobs for residents of that community;

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