The Two of Us Are Like Two Logs on a Fire

© Written by Mac Turney July 25, 2012

I was watching a fire today

And I realized, you and I

Are like the fire I was watching

I had built a small fire

I put a Single log

On top of the small fire

The log caught on fire

From the small fire around it

It burned a little while

Then the fire went out

I added a second log

Beside the first log

I build a small fire around them

They kept each other warm

They kept each other burning

They seemed to burn forever

You and I

The two of us

Are like the fire

I was watching

Add you to me

We keep each other warm

Add me to you

We keep each other burning

My fire can burn forever

Your fire can burn forever

We can burn forever

Just like two logs on a fire

It’s our Country and it’s our Government and we have to support it, take care of it and supply the money it needs just like we have to do for our kids.

The Truth Is: America is the Best Country in the World.

And you know it!

Our lifestyle is the envy of the World. Our Government and Justice System may not be perfect but they are the Best in the World.

I am a Veteran and I was in the military during the Vietnam war and all Veterans were and still are willing to die for our country and to defend our way of life, our Government and our Justice System - even with all of the imperfections and in some cases Unjustice. My three older brothers were in WWII, the Korean War and Vietnam also. My uncles were in WWI and family was in the Civil War and wars before it.

I guess we are a military family. I know we believe in the USA and the ones of us that are still alive would proudly fight for America, the people of America and our way of life.

America offers a better way of life, a better Government and a better Justice Systems than any of the countries where Veterans have fought.

There are also millions more American men and women that are not Veterans who are willing to die for our country and for our way of life and for our system of Government and for our Justice System even though none of it is perfect.

It is the best system in the world!

And you know it!

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Goodwill Offering - helping widows, orphans & the elderly in the USA

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