The Gold Mining Adventure business would create additional Social Security Tax payments to the Social Security Administration from the jobs being created;

The Gold Mining Adventure business would create additional Taxes being paid to the IRS because of the new jobs and new profits being created; and,

The Gold Mining Adventure business would create additional Taxes being paid to the State, Social Security Administration and the IRS from the profits of the Gold Mining Adventure business and by Mac and Monica and its owners and employees.

Hundreds of lawsuits could be filed against the people that lied:

Sure – Mac and Monica and their company have a lawsuit, but so should many other people.

Everyone in Slana, the communities around Slana, every community in Alaska and the State itself should have a right to sue the sellers of this contaminated property for their losses. False Statements and False Promises took our jobs, money out of our pockets, clothes off our back and food off our table: not just Mac and Monica’s – everyone in the community and the state – mine and yours too!

It is now 2016. After eight years it is finally over; so who was the Winner:

The property was purchased in December of 2007 and the lawsuit was reluctantly settled in December 2015. This is eight years later and the only reason it was settled is, according to the attorney and the judge, it could drag out another eight years because that is what attorneys and the courts do; they drag it out until one or both parties give up! In this case both parties gave up! Nobody Won! The sellers lost: The Sellers had to pay everyone involved in cleaning up the contamination on the property and buy a new fuel tank and set it on the property; the sellers had to work many hours helping with doing these jobs; the sellers had to pay the attorneys; and, the sellers had to forfeit the balance of the property mortgage owed! Mac and Monica lost: The only thing Mac and Monica got was the balance of the mortgage, $176,000.00, recorded as paid by the sellers which is a lot less than the $700,000.00 it has cost them over the years.

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