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Coins A Work of Art

1974 Trans Alaska Pipeline Coin

Loose - one only - made of brass but not worn or damaged


1st barrel of oil plaque

Plaque with a vial of the first oil to reach Valdez by dog sled team in 1977.


1977 Land of the Midnight Sun Brass

The reverse is an old time miner panning for gold.


Cracked coin Die

Read the story “Coins - A Work of Art”. Coins and dies take a lot of artistic ability and time to make. This die was used to make the sets above and cracked before a new die was made to continue making the coins. Very Rare - One of a kind. Priceless - $5,500.00

Antique Road Grader

This road grader is old - hand cranks lift everything and adjust everything for grading work. Made by Adams and I have only heard of one more of these in the state.


Set of twelve Trans Alaska Pipeline Coins

Set of twelve in mahogany case mint struck in .999 fine Silver


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